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Lost Society - If The Sky Came Down - Limited Digipak Edition (CD)

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Pounding riffs weighing several tons? Check! Catchy choruses and symphonic flashes? Check! Relentless eruptions of utterly chaotic, yet catchy modern metal? Check! Passionate performances by elaborate musicians? Check!

You got it right: over the last twelve adrenaline-filled years, braindead™ Finnish cannonball squad LOST SOCIETY has been fearlessly exploring the lights and shadows of the world of heavy metal. Still, despite the dirty deeds of the past years and the praise of legendary colleagues such as Kreator's Mille Petrozza and Sepultura's Andreas Kisser, it now feels like the band's rocket is just about to take off.

"Our new full-length recording ‚If The Sky Came Down‘ would not have become like this had it not been for the unfortunate events of the past two years", nods guitarist-vocalist Samy Elbanna, who formed LOST SOCIETY in 2010. "We have indeed put together a year and a half of mental turbulence and a daunting tragedy for one album..."

01. 112
02. What Have I Done
03. (We Are The) Braindead
04. Stitches
05. Awake
06. Underneath
07. Creature
08. Hurt Me
09. If The Sky Came Down
10. Suffocating

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